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Glass Expanse has considered the typical obstacles that contractors are faced with on every jobsite. We developed a process that simplifies the installation and offers the contractor an opportunity to earn some additional revenue if they are involved. Our thorough measurement process ensures that each product will arrive fully manufactured and with important components assembled. The installer simply fixes the frame in place and slides the panels into the opening. They can do all adjustments using our hidden mechanisms with no need for shims or spacers. In addition to simplifying the task this significantly decreases the finishing cost and labor time. Glass Expanse is committed to supplying an experience that is rewarding for the client and the contractor.

Our delivery schedule is designed to be flexible in order to enhance the experience of the contractor. We understand that your timeline can be affected by numerous factors and jobsite space is often valuable, so we establish a direct dialogue with each site supervisor to ensure that the product is delivered when required and not prematurely. A staggered delivery schedule is also encouraged for larger projects where the installation will be completed in stages.

We are actively seeking affiliation with competent contractors who are interested in promoting and selling the product to their customers. Glass Expanse offers an additional revenue source for our partners and will create brand expansion through our extensive network of professionals and clients.

Most challenges in renovation work are found in the unknown facets of each project. It is common for the budget and timeline elements to inflate rapidly when work commences and additional issues become apparent. We understand this struggle and have developed a fully adjustable product for uneven openings as well as flexible scheduling to ease the stress on contractors

While new construction can offer many advantages, it too can present challenging issues for door and window solutions. Once a new build is completed, there is usually some settling, especially in large openings. While the majority of these movements are minimal, they can directly influence the operation of doors and windows. This realization inspired us to create accessible adjustment in our upper track extrusions for future issues. These corrections can be made easily by anyone with a screwdriver once all panels are opened. This allows homeowners to comfortably make adjustments without the need to call a technician

The most appealing system feature is the lower track, which can be recessed into the floor to create seamless transitions from the inside to outside. To provide this feature the contractor will establish a channel in the floor, which sometimes requires cutting the floor covering or concrete slab. We have provided a drawing containing all dimensions needed for preparing this recess. Drainage specifications will be discussed on site before any work commences.

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