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As architecture and design continue to evolve, so does the demand for innovative solutions.  Glass Expanse takes great pride in offering a product that can solve each challenge that is presented by a creative industry. We incorporate flexibility with strength and elegance, providing a solution for every vision.






Single Double Glass Configurations
Multiple Components
Compression Jamb

Glass configurations

We offer two different glass thickness options, one for single glazed units and another for double-glazed insulated units. Tempered glass, lamination and low-E coating are available in all configurations.

QUALITY components

All extrusions and components are engineered to support large panel sizes with exceptional performance and longevity.

Compression jamb

Our patented sealing mechanism ensures a weatherproof system, which can be securely
locked from the inside or outside.

Track Adjustment
Hinge Pin

Track adjustment

The fully adjustable top track enables precise installation even in flawed and imperfect openings.

Hinge pin

Our horizontal wheel configuration supports the panels in gliding around curves and corners. The patented hinge mechanism fixes the pivot wheel mechanically ensuring each panel stays in place while stacked.


Each panel is equipped with interlocking end caps, which increase security, and create a tight seal between the doors when the system is closed.

  • Uninterrupted views are achieved by completely eliminating vertical frames between panels.


  • Each panel slides efficiently and stacks in seconds. All doors are locked in the stacked position to provide a safe environment for all ages.


  • Our single-track design and recessed lower track create seamless transitions from inside to outside.


  • The single-track design allows unlimited number of autonomous panels, accommodating any width of opening.



This patented mechanism is an integral part of creating a tight seal between all panels as well as the side jambs. The handle is fully integrated into the side jamb, which keeps the view through the system unobstructed. When the handle is turned to the locked position, the panels are compressed against each other. This eliminates any small gaps between panels where air or moisture could enter and it also creates a structurally stronger system when closed. As the handle is pivoted open, the first panel is pulled back into the correct opening position and the panels can be operated.


During the design process our main objective was to create a durable product for customers to add to their home. This mechanism located inside the top of each panel engages directly with the upper track ensuring safety and reliability. This patented design allows each panel to be pivoted and stacked on one side of the opening. As each panel is rotated back into the system, the mechanism disengages and allows the panel to slide along the track.


Every project has surface variations. This can be due to material defect, poor workmanship, or shrinkage and settling. This is the reason Glass Expanse created adjustability in our side jambs and top track. Due to industry demand, we developed a lower wheel assembly that allows it to float through elevation changes in the floor. If the lower fixing surface has some fluctuations, each panel will continue to operate efficiently. The horizontal wheel design enables our panels to glide effortlessly even with debris in the lower track.




Glass Expanse provides a 10-Year Warranty with every product that leaves our facility.
This warranty shows our commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing.


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