Glass Expanse Window System

Sliding & Folding Glass Wall System – Process & Installation

At Glass Expanse, we take pride in our process. Our team will help guide you through the process based on our experience with the best builders in the country. The Glass Expanse process is unique, simple, and efficient. Glass Expanse slide and stack door and window systems are a premium American designed and engineered product, backed by the best warranty and customer service in the industry

Step 1

Placing your order and choosing the size and configuration of the opening is often the hardest part of the entire process. Our team will help guide you through this process and recommend things based on our experience with the best builders in the country. Once the order confirmation is completed and all options and sizes are specified, we require a signed contract and deposit to place the unit into production. Once payment is received, the lead time specified will be locked in and the order cannot be changed.

Step 2

Once we have received the completed order confirmation and payment, our team will notify you that the unit is in production by sending a notification of production email. That email will consist of an order number and contact details for our team members handling your account. It will also include a copy of your paid invoice. Until you have received this notification email, your order is not officially in production. Directly following this email, our construction expert will be contacting the construction site supervisor to walk through the installation process and coordinate a timeline on the project. That team member will be the best source of information for you throughout the entire process. 

Step 3

Production (Phase 1) Your unit specifics are now entered into our software and put on the production list. Custom glass units are ordered, aluminum extrusions are cut (and coated for custom colors), and then run through our CNC router machines. Once the glass has arrived, it will go through our rigorous inspection process and remakes are ordered if flaws are found. This process can take up to four weeks depending on the quality of the glass. Once we have a complete set of approved panels for the project and all the extrusions are cut and machined, phase 1 of production is now complete.

Step 4

Production (Phase 2) This phase of production is focused on assembly and hardware. The frames are now glued to the glass panels and clamped to square tables where they will sit for 4-5 days. Once the adhesive is cured, all hardware and seals are mounted in the frames. All tracks and side jambs are assembled and fully wrapped and protected for transport. All mechanisms are checked and cycled to ensure smooth operation. Once the assembly process is completed, the unit is stored and protected until installation. At this time, our construction specialist will update the site supervisor that the order is complete and ready. Our representative will make any changes to the schedule at the sole discretion of the site supervisor.

Step 5

Pre-Installation Site Walk Our construction specialist will assist the contractor through the site preparation process including floor cut recess for flush-mounted tracks and back-framing and trim out options for finishing out the opening once the unit is installed. We are also available for site visits during this time frame to ensure everything is prepared correctly. Two weeks before the scheduled installation our team will complete a final site walk to check the opening for size, square, plumb, and level. If the opening is correct, the waterproofing may be completed at this time. We will confirm the finished flooring height and type, exterior finish, and any other details required for proper installation

Step 6

Installation Our certified installation team will arrive with the product and begin. Installation time can range from 3 hours to multiple days depending on the size and number of units, as well as installation complexity. Once the unit is installed and operating correctly, the team will video the door opening and closing completely. This is for your record only. The team will then cover both sides of the unit with industrial plastic and seal the unit to eliminate any dust from entering, and to protect against damage from other contractors on site. Signs will be mounted on the unit displaying a message that the plastic is not to be removed without our authorization. Once the construction process is nearly complete and final cleaning is scheduled, the plastic will be removed. All finishing work can be completed without removing the plastic or tape.